Changsha listed as China's happiest city for 16 consecutive years


The 2023 list of China's happiest cities was released at the Happy Cities of China Forum 2023 on November 24. Changsha made the list for 16 years in a row. Besides, Changsha County, Liuyang City, and Ningxiang City were listed as the happiest county-level places in China.

Changsha gives priority to development and is committed to building itself into a happy city with high-quality development. While vigorously promoting effective upgrades and appropriate expansions, Changsha also emphasizes urban culture, adding cultural flavor to the city, enriching cultural supplies, and ensuring and improving people's livelihood, thus constantly enhancing people's sense of gain and happiness.

The survey-and-selection event has been held for 17 consecutive years. Following the concept of "citizen evaluation, objective records, and accurate analysis," the event has received extensive attention from experts, scholars, urban managers, and other sectors of society. It has become the most influential city survey and selection activity in China.

With the theme of "High-quality Development Makes Cities Happier", this year's survey and selection campaign focused on how cities put people at the center, continuously modernize their governance systems and capacities, achieve high-quality development, and embark on a road towards urban development with Chinese characteristics. It conducted investigations on the happiness of Chinese cities and actively promoted vibrant practices in constructing happy cities.

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