China's construction, machinery sectors poised to stand out internationally


In the construction and machinery sectors, Chinese enterprises' independent innovation capability is rising. [Photo provided to]

In the construction and machinery sectors, Chinese enterprises' independent innovation capability is rising, enabling them to strike a pose on the stage of international expos, said the chairman of Hunan Boyun-Dongfang Powder Metallurgy Co Ltd.

Li Yongxia, chairman of the Hunan province-based high-tech company, said: "Independent innovation capability helps enterprises carve a place in the international market and plays a crucial role in the development of Chinese manufacturing enterprises."

PM is among the few enterprises in the world that are capable of manufacturing nano cemented carbide. It has acquired a total of 27 national patents, and drafted one national standard and one industry standard.

Currently, the large-scale preparation and industrial application of nano cemented carbide have become a highly-valued research and development focus in the world. They reflect enterprises' cutting-edge competitiveness. Through independent innovation, the WC grain size of high-performance ultrafine/nano cemented carbide produced by PM decreased from 0.4μm in 2003 to 0.11μm in 2022, taking a global lead.

"Through independent innovation, we have realized product upgrade and industrial transformation. With the rapid development of China's economy, the existing industrial system and product forms can no longer meet customer needs. Only by strengthening independent innovation capabilities and promoting product upgrading and industrial transformation can enterprises achieve economic transformation, to better meet customer needs on the basis of cost control. Moreover, enterprises are able to develop in a sustainable, healthy and harmonious manner," Li said.

The 2023 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition was held between May 12 and May 15. During the exhibition, PM presented a new product - the G806 bit. The product has good high-temperature red hardness and is resistant to thermal fatigue cracks, and is widely applied in drilling tools. In addition, the company won the Gold Gear Innovative Product Award during the exhibition.

According to the company, with its Lugu Industrialization Project in Changsha coming on stream, it plans to supply 2,000 metric tons of high-performance cemented carbide to both domestic and international markets annually.

"We will continue to make efforts in technology innovation, to inject new impetus to the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry," Li said.

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