Top 10 themed routes for cultural tourism in Changsha released


The list of top 10 themed routes in Changsha was released on 29 March, including popular must-see tours, gourmet tours, colourful night tours, old street tours, cultural and museum immersion tours, art experience tours, photography tours, parent-child leisure tours, red classic tours and less popular outdoor tours. These themed routes connect Yuelu Mountain-Orange Isle Scenic Spot, Li Zijian Art Museum, Daweishan National Forest Park, Changsha Riverside Cultural Park, Hunan Museum, Taiping Old Street Historical and Cultural Block, Chaozong Street Historical and Cultural Block, XieZilong Photography Museum, Tong Guan Kiln Ancient Town, Baiguoyuan Historical and Cultural Tourism Block and other "most Changsha-style" must-see sites and scenic spots for cultural tourism.

The list was released during the "There is a life called Changsha"-2023 Baidu "Starry Conference" Urban Creators Conference. The event was led by the Publicity Department of the Changsha Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio, Film and Television, and the Internet Information Office of the Municipal Party Committee, sponsored by Baidu APP and Baidu Baijiahao, and carried out by Xiaoxiang Morning Herald and Baidu Mobile Ecological Hunan Center.

In 2021, Baidu's content creation platform Baijiahao launched a localised content creation support plan - "Star Project" - to provide users with professional content services. By December 2022, the monthly active users of Baidu App had reached 648 million and the number of creators had reached 5 million. At the "Star Conference", the "Top 10 must-visit cultural and tourist sites in Changsha" and "Top 10 theme routes for cultural tourism in Changsha" were released, and the "Changsha City Creator Gathering Event" was launched, with the participation of 150 high-quality Baidu content creators.

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