Changsha-made agricultural drones to be applied in Thailand


On March 27, the Hunan Agricultural UAV Co., Ltd., a local drone manufacturer in the Hunan Pilot Free Trade Zone Changsha Area, signed a deal worth 250 million baht (about 50 million yuan) with AOVTON COMPANY LIMITED in Bangkok, Thailand. This means that Changsha-made UAVs will be applied in the farmland of Thailand.

"Our drones have a wide range of applications, from seeding and fertilizing to spraying, and are designed to help smallholder farmers and large farms around the world achieve greater efficiency and productivity with less effort," said the person in charge of the International Department of Hunan Agricultural UAV Co., Ltd. The company will launch 20L and 50L plant protection UAV products in Thailand and set up a service center there. Based on the whole industrial chain service system, the company will lay out an enterprise development strategy of "three bases and one center" in Thailand, and create a one-stop agricultural UAV eco-industrial chain system integrating technology research and development, skill training, big data platform and after-sales management services.

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